Investigation: Thall Industries

Mise en Abyme conducted investigations into Thall Industries, a medium sized corporation located within Minmatar Space.

Thall Industries was first discovered by means of their recruitment post on the eve-o forums. Initially, our investigators believed that Thall Industries would make a good target due to the content found on their website. We did find it rather amusing that their requirements for application to the security division consisted of being an able mission runner.

Thall Industries proved to be an interesting case. Although Thall Industries is part of an alliance (Quantum Outcasts), most of the corporations within the alliance proved, from the information gained, to be of little consequence when it came to combat abilities. The majority of the corporations in the alliance appeared to contain no more than 3-4 pilots. The exception, of course, was Wise Outcasts. Our investigations into Wise Outcasts showed that they appeared to have minor combative ability and would not be of major concern in a situation of War.

As part of our investigations into Thall Industries we placed an operative in their public channel. Our operative obtained the names of some 20 of their pilots, obtained the location of their headquaters, obtained the precise location of their base of operations, their general timezone and even some of their fittings. Our operative even convinced one of the members of their security division to “put in a good word” for us and obtain, for our operative, a place within the ranks of their security division.

It was rather unfortunate that in the end, our operative could not obtain a place within their corporation simply due to their CEO suddenly becoming extremely reclusive. Following this turn of events, and the apparent resultant inactivity that followed their CEO’s dissapearance, Thall industries was abandoned as a target.

It is however suggested that they tighten their security. We are still watching you, Mr Thall…


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