Starting out

Starting out a new corporation is never an easy task. Admin tasks abound, a recruitment protocol must be delevoped, recruitment must take place and finally, recruits must be encouraged to participate in corporate activites.

However the most important activity in starting a new corporation is simply being active.

A CEO, his current corpmates and any new recruits must be active in order for the corporation to thrive.

The question then, for anyone reading this, is what exactly is Mise en Abyme doing?

Simply put, at the moment we are building our numbers and doing a bit of pvp lite.

We have posted on the eve-o forums, our recruitment channel is open and attended and we wait with baited breath to interview our potential recruits.

In the meantime, we are actively searching for targets. A number of small to medium corporations are under our investigation. We have managed to worm our way into their public channels, have listed their members and searched through their killboards in the hopes of finding fitting patterns which we can take advantage of.

In addition, we are investigating and exploring the idea of capturing and controlling empire space. In this respect, we currently have three possibilities – a back end single exit lowsec system with a static ded, a highsec island surrounded by low security systems, or a certain region which we feel is small enough to maintain some degree of control over. Obviously, the idea of controlling a region is at this stage, well, rather far fetched… We realise that in order to exercise control over a region, especially one consisting of mainly high security space, we will need to make huge leaps and bounds. We are however investigating and researching the possibility.

In New Eden, Great things don’t come to those who wait. Great things come as a result of organised, purpose driven activities.

Join us in the Mise en Abyme Recruitment channel to discuss…


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