Great Wildlands Roam

Hek is perfect. 0.5 security should accommodate the majority of us (Otou is one jump away. Rak can wait there). The market is blood soaked, fast paced and yet reliable enough to provide all of us with our required equipment.

So where to from there? A quick look at the navigator indicates that the Great Wildlands are reasonably close. I have previously visited the Thukker Mix station in M-MD3B and have a good number of safe spots, insta-undocks and like bookmarks that will be of assistance.

We have two routes available. We can either head through metropolis lowsec, down to N-RAEL and then cut through the centre of the Wildlands up to M-MD38. Alternatively, we could head through Teonusude into Bosena (which will be camped) and through the remainder of Molden Heath lowsec before hitting 9SNK-O . Volstruis is out near Teo and is calling for the latter route, but despite this, with Rakisha and Adivah already in Otou, we may as well head that way. Its approximately 22 lowsec jumps, but really, not much will be able to catch us.

I launch my wolf and fly through to Otou. Vol has arrived in a ‘ranis. I ask Rakisha (in a stilleto) to scout for us. He lands in the middle of an eve-uni blob. Their sensor boost Thrashers light his stilleto up like a christmas tree. His pod tears open shortly thereafter. I hear him moments later, his voice still thick with the clone vat syrup. He tells us he will meet us in Bosena. He has a cruiser there…

Only the best ops start with Rak being podded, so we quickly burn through to Bosena, meet up at an insta outside the only station and start heading out to M-MD3B…

We hunt a few targets through 9SNK-O, 6WT-BE and SL-YBS. Nothing but echoes in local as targets from the POS in OPI4-E evade us. We almost catch a deimos on a gate, but someone mistakenly thinks it is a heavy interdictor, and the delay in realising that they are wrong costs us the tackle. Eventually, we cruise up through N-NQ0D and pop our heads into P1T-LP…

Gate fire. A Tengu. Vol launches his taranis forward and tackles it. My guns are overheating, Adivah rams it away from the gate, Adivah is going down – he just can’t jam the damn thing! The tengu’s shields are disappearing slowly but surely… and then all hell breaks loose – Vol’s interface disconnects, his ship’s warp core blasts it in a random direction, but gets shut down by the tengu’s scrambler. Adivah’s ship explodes, his voice comms crackle and disappear, Rakisha’s interface fails, Vol is trapped.

I warp away to fight another day. The tengu tears through Vol’s ship. His pod’s navigation system appears to work and he warps off.

Our operation is over. I warp from safe to safe, getting my wolf back to teo alone will be no easy task… I’m sure not to make it.


One response to “Great Wildlands Roam

  1. After my interface rebooted (damn jittery Minmatar electronics!) I warped back to the gate and caught a Hound uncloaked about 40km off. I pointed and opened fire on him and things were looking promising, but the interface again disconnected. When it rebooted I was, miraculously, still alive – flloating near the gate instead of in that gooey syrup I know so well. The Hound was nowhere to be seen.

    I salvaged some of Vol and Adi’s stuff and made my way back to Heild in my crappy cruiser, having to punch the blinking dashboard whenever it acted up. One roll of duct tape later and I was home.

    If you guys want your stuff back, let me know. Otherwise, I’m using it to buy a new computer.

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