Dameon Diablo – Mise en Abyme applaudes you.

One of our associates reports that during routine operations, she encountered and was pleasantly surprised by a new pod pilot by the name of Dameon Diablo.

Dameon Diablo was contacted by our associate (let’s just call her TX for short) as a part of an ongoing operation by Mise en Abyme which aims to encourage PvP combat amongst rookie pilots (M-E-A actively engages in such activities in order to promote certain aspects of its agenda).

Following the initiation of discussions by TX, Dameon began to show distinct signs of the paranoia which comes with being a pod pilot. TX began discussions regarding PvP, only to be met by responses by Dameon to the effect that he had serious suspicions regarding TX’s motives. None of this was unusual.

However, following some persuasion, TX suggested that Dameon fly into low security space for the sole purpose of gaining combat experience, even if such meant being killed.

Dameon, in a surprise move, accepted the challenge. TX was even more surprised to see Dameon undock in a fitted rifter and start heading to Otou. TX quickly fitted and undocked a rifter in order to encourage the courage that Dameon had shown thus far.

The pair flew through Otou (where no-one responded to TX’s call for a fight), Mirotem and finally, into Rancer, a system famous for its pirate activities.

TX and Dameon both lost their ships in Rancer to an EVE-UNI pilot. Although the loss of a ship can hardly be seen as heroic, the simple and yet profound act of a three day old pod pilot fleeting up with an unknown person, flying into lowsec and getting killed, is heroic.

We applaud you Dameon. Keep up the good work. We sincerely hope that others will follow in your footsteps.


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