Lowsec – a hovel of paranoia

A number of lowsec roams have recently been undertaken by our pilots. For this purpose, our pilots (mostly recently inducted capsuleers) have mainly set out in small, manoueverable ships (frigates, destroyers and / or cruisers). It is worth mentioning that as is apparent from their age, the majority of pilots involved barely have the skills to fit one T2 module.

In accordance with Mise en Abyme theory and our desire to put that theory into practice, we actively look for fights, ignoring (to a large extent) the possibility of a target being bait and actively pursuing targets which will push the boundaries of our abilities.

However, it appears that the majority of pod pilots in lowsec are not of the same views. Vast reaches of low security space are simply empty. Where lowsec is not empty, the moment anyone spots 3 low skill pilots on D-scan, they dock or POS up. The only exception to this are the huge blobs present in popular lowsec pipes.

So why is lowsec such a desolate hole?

As is clear with Operative TX’s experience with Dameon Diablo, pod pilots have begun to slip down the slippery path of paranoia.

In lowsec, everything is bait. There is always a fleet on the other side of that gate. All of your corp mates are actually spies. Everyone is out to get you. That rifter on D-scan is really a strange combination of a dramiel, vagabond and cynabal that you will never catch let alone even see on overview before it and its 300 friends waiting to spike local blows the hell out of you.

This kind of paranoid and circular thinking has begun the downfall of New Eden and if it continues, the capsuleer era will end – not through the coming sansha invasions, not through the modifications to ships by production lines or the collapse of the universe, but through the simple unwillingness of capsuleers to undock and kick the crap out of each other for fear of losing their ships or lowering their efficiency rating.

I wish to argue the contrary view. So what if it is bait? Get out there, bite and find out! So what if you are outnumbered? Get out there and have a good fight! So what if you lose your ship or your efficiency rating? Surely, as soon as you undock, you know that your ship is lost forever?

This is not to say that one must merely fight blindly. Obviously, risks must be assessed and preparations must be made. But do that! Don’t dock up just because 3 frigates, piloted by week old capsuleers, fly into ‘your’ lowsec system!

Violence is in out blood. It is in our very spirit. It has been woven into the frabric of our pods by the Jove. Well, at least, that is what Mise en Abyme believes.

Come and find out why in Metropolis lowsec.


One response to “Lowsec – a hovel of paranoia

  1. I think the increased production in and flight of the Dramiel Hull is somewhat to blame. The ridiculous kite ability, speed tank and high-end damage is hard to dismiss. I personally have counted 10+ separate pilots flying this hull in metro low sec over the last month and they are highly skilled, ready to engage and difficult for most for counter.

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