New Pilots can fight.

MEA has an active policy of enouraging new capsuleers to get out there and pick a fight. Why? Because we are sick of hearing about how newbie pilots cannot make a difference in New Eden.

They might well die, but new capsuleers can fight and have a heck of a lot of fun doing so. Just because you have been told that there is no chance you can win a solo fight without T2 guns and tank (this, unfortunately, mainly due to the general skill level of people partaking in pvp, is likely to be true) there is no reason why you cannot try. Get a couple of friends together and you might even win a fight now and then. In addition, you will quickly learn what it takes to win, how to pick targets and how to minimise losses.  You will learn to pvp  by experimenting and dying, not by sitting in high sec training up for a vagabond.

The following is an extract from an evemail recieved by one of our operatives, who persuaded a new pilot to go pick a fight in Rancer:

So I ninja looted about 2 mil in Rancer near the gates. Sweet.

When I logged back on later, there was a pirate gang camping the gate who told me to pay to pass. I told them I would try to run their blockade and I actually made it though and warped off on the other side. This RaWCT guy was cool so I told him I’ll try again. On my jump back into Rancer he got me. Afterward he called me a good sport and gave me 1mil isk.

So thanks again. That was fun!

The relevant killmail indicates that the newbie pilot, flying in a cheap T1 Rifter, was killed by a -10 sec status pirate using a Tengu, accompanied by a Broadsword. Our brave newbie probably lost approximatley 300 000 isk in the fight. In accordance with the evemail sent to our operative, he gained approximately 3 million isk (10x the cost of his loss).

Well done to Adrian Mal’Doran for fighting the good fight, having fun and even making a profit in the process.


One response to “New Pilots can fight.

  1. I admire people willing go out there and give it a try. Is one of the best ways to learn. Just keep notice of what happens and everything you learn dont let go of it. People talk bad about pirating and gate camping but its the best way to start learning how to pvp. +1 for the effort and guts to mess with some reds.

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