Following extensive discussions and negotiations between our CEO Xi ‘xar and founding member, Volstruis, a corporate decision has been taken to restructure M-E-A.

In light of the current state of low security space and in furtherance of one of our primary goals – to overhaul capsuleer’s views of low security space and expose new capsuleers to the profit obtainable therein, we have decided to open an exploration division within MEA. The purpose of this exploration division will not only be to fund our military operations, but to orientate new capsuleers to low security space in a profitable fasion.

The following steps will be taken:

Volstruis will be appointed as a director of MEA. Volstruis’ brief is to head up the exploration division and make all relevant decisions related thereto.

A corporate office will be opened in Metropolis or Sing Liason, likely in low security space located near to Hek.

The title “founding member” will be conferred upon all current members of MEA.

Recruitment will be re-opened. Our focus will be on recruiting newer capsuleers with a desire to explore low or nul (inclusive of w-space) security space who have no objection to the military actions and methods of MEA.

Xi ‘xar will remain the CEO of M-E-A and will continue to actively oversee and partake in all operations. Our founding principals and values, being that combat is an integral part of new eden life, that new pilots can and should fight and that corporations should not tax their members, will be retained.


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