Community Service Campaign

As mentioned in previous posts, one of MEA’s current objectives is to expose new capsuleers to the benifits of a life outside of high security space.

According to common wisdom, there is simply no reason to go to lowsec. Highsec is safer and nulsec is more profitable. If you do missions in lowsec, you get ganked by pirates. If you do exploration or ded sites, you get ganked by pirates. If you go looking for kernite, you get ganked and in any event, its more profitable to mine veldspar in highsec. New capsuleers are vehmently warned against going to lowsec for any purpose and are often frightened out of any activities which may involve going into lowsec.

This has lead to an interesting, but problematic population issue. The inhabitants of lowsec are almost exclusively pvp pilots. Although pvp is common in lowsec, it has degenerated into the denizens of lowsec either ganking new pilots who dare to enter into lowsec or engaging in a form of consentual blob pvp.

Consequently, and further as a result of obsessive regard for killboard stats, lowsec is a empty, desolate landscape occassionally stripped clear of new players by giant blobs of outlaws who will not attack unless certain of victory. Finding a reasonably fair fight in these circumstances is virtually impossible. Overtanked bait, followed by a bumsrush of battlecruisers is about all you will get, even if you launch your attack in a simple frigate or cruiser.

MEA has been operating virtually exclusively out of lowsec for the last three months. Most of our members have extensive lowsec experience and have lived in lowsec for extended periods of time. We believe that it is time that new blood revolted against the static and boring nature of low sec space. It is time that we, the pod pilots of new eden, claimed what Concord cannot – a new and profitable playground.

In the weeks to come, MEA will provide, as a service to the community, a series of ‘information packs’ geared towards teaching the newer player not only how to survive, but how to live  in lowsec. MEA will also actively seek to teach newer players how to fight, how to generate isk and most importantly, how to enjoy the benifits which lowsec living has to offer – a sense of danger and excitement which high security space simply cannot offer.

These services will be offered free of charge, either in our public channel “Live_Lowsec” or here.



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