Lowsec Roam 25/02/YC113

During the evening of 25/02/YC113, M-E-A Operatives, including a number of new recruits, embarked on a widespread search for combat in the Metropolis and Sing Laison regions. To this end, approximately 12 of our operatives set out from Hek in a mixof T1 frigates, T2 frigates and T1 cruisers and scoured the the lowsec space between Hek and Ravarin for anything worthy of our attention.

After a breif sojourn to Otou, where the still forming fleet killed a Caracal, the fleet moved through Metropolis, Heimater and paused in Stegette, Sing Laison. On the journey it was noted that as usual, the Hagilur / Bei gate was camped and a brief encounter (without ship loss) with some old friends was had in Evati.

En route to Stegette, it was clear that a number of other corporations and or capsuleers were roaming through the area and were looking for a fight. After consideration of the type of fleet present and our own numbers, Volstruis decided that rather than face almost certain death at the Hagilur / Bei gate, the fleet should head back from Stegette to Hek on the most direct lowsec route in the hopes of encountering a smaller camp or fleet which could be engaged.

The fleet set out shortly thereafter and headed back towards Hek. A few jumps after heading out, Volstruis, FC and frontscout, encountered a outlaw in a Rupture on the Evati side of the Evati / Hofjaldgund gate. The Rupture was expertly tackled as the remainder of the fleet jumped through into Evati. The Rupture’s shields held briefly and unfortunately, it managed to neut and kill Vol. The Rupture’s armour and structure however were quickly laid to waste by the heavy firepower of the M-E-A frigate fleet.

Following Vol’s untimely demise, Xi ‘xar took over the fleet and began leading such back towards Hek. Upon arrival at the Ardar / Hadezeko gate, the fleet met with  a small gang of ZUO pilots. Xi made the decision to leave the opposing fleet well alone (such consisted of at least a Stabber Fleet Issue, a Huginn, a Lachesis, an Ishtar and a Curse) and ordered the M-E-A fleet through the Ardar / Hadezeko gate and to a safespot in Hadezeko.

It was only after the fleet had jumped into Hadezeko and had begun their warp to Xi’s safespot that a cry for help rung out over voice-comms. Jack Tygra (in a rifter) had engaged the Stabber Fleet Issue on the Ardar side of the gate, was unable to jump through due to the gate’s aggression timer and was calling for assistance. Mid warp to a safe many AU away, there was simply nothing that the fleet could do but listen to Jack’s cries as he attempted to disengage from the Stabber Fleet Issue and get through the gate to Hadezeko.

As the Fleet fell out of warp, Jack’s voice came over comms indicating that despite being outgunned, he had managed to escape the Stabber Fleet Issue. As it turned out shortly thereafter, the engagement had lead to a rather interesting result.

The fleet, with much talk of Jack’s “charmed life” safely made its way back to Hek.



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