Lowsec Roam 11/03/YC113

11/03/YC113: A small M-E-A fleet set out in search of combat, heading through Metropolis and The Forge towards Molden Heath. Brief problems were encountered in the Mivora Constellation, more specifically in Uemon, where the fleet was caught between two gangs comprised of mixed ships camping both the Otosela and Fuskunen gates. Patience was key in avoiding the opposing fleets and when the Fuskunen gate cleared, the M-E-A Fleet Commander led the gang through Fuskunen and into Bosena.

The Bosena / Teonusude gate was camped by a hurricane, supported by a taranis. The M-E-A fleet waited for their opportunity. Soon enough, the Taranis was baited to engage Xi ‘xar at a nearby asteroid belt. Xi lost his rifter before the remainder of the fleet could warp in, but managed to place the taranis in deep structure. Abe Goody bravely challeneged the Taranis, but also lost his ship. However, with clever use of jamming by Joslin Kra and a few well timed shots by Volstruis, the taranis was finally finished off. Our salute goes out to Raxip Elamp for giving us a good fight.

The M-E-A fleet briefly rested in Teonusude. Following some relaxation, the fleet again set off, heading for Egbinger. Once in Egbinger a decision was made to head up towards Skarkon and round back to Teonusude. However, before the fleet got very far, a Vengeance was encountered by Volstruis at the Aeditede/Weld gate. Vol quickly tackled the Vengeance and the remainder of the M-E-A fleet engaged. The vengeance, although heavily tanked, melted under the firepower of the M-E-A frigate fleet. The kill netted each M-E-A pilot approximately 9 million isk in loot.


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