How to increase your killboard efficiency (which we still don’t care about)

Xi, Amber, Joslin and Jack had been searching for some time for someone to kill. As usual, the low security space surrounding Hek had been filled with Battlecruiser gangs. There were simply no targets to be had. Volstruis had alreadly lost a blackbird and Joslin a griffin. The roam was not looking good. The ECM backbone of our fleet had been broken and we were wandering aimlessly.

We jumped into Dal. There were a good few in local, but nothing on scan. Xi gave the command for the fleet to either safe up and start scanning or to jump from celestial to celestial, looking for targets.

Suddenly, the call came in that a Gila appeared to be ratting at a belt. Xi, piloting a stabber, warped in at 20 and spotted jack landing even closer to the Gila. For a few seconds, the fleet debated the possibility of killing the Gila. With its famous tank and so many in local it was either bait or would be nigh impossible to kill.

Suddenly, Jack’s rifter shot towards the Gila and tackled. Xi, keeping outside of 15 km, pointed and began blasting the Gila with his 220mm Autocannons. The remainder of the fleet warped in. Amber’s vexor launched drones and Joslin opened fire.The debate was over.

Soon enough, Jack’s rifter was torn apart and jack warped his pod to safety. Amber’s vexor followed suit. Jos was neuted and warped out. Xi, pulsing his MWD, managed to maintain range and point, but was losing cap fast. The Gila pilot turned his attention to Xi and began neuting. Xi pulsed out of range. The Gila pulsed back into range and neuted, Xi, pulsed out. Suddently, the Gila launched ECM drones…

It appeared that all was lost. However, as Xi lost point and the Gila began aligning to a safe spot, Joslin warped back in and tackled the Gila. The Gila turned its attention to Jos. Xi, now some distance away, locked the Gila up again overheating his warp disruptor and weapons for the final moments of the fight. A few moments later, the Gila Pilot clearly confused and unable to maintain proper range, found himself in his pod.

Our thanks to the brave Gila pilot.


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