Tapdancing in Hadezeko

A small fleet of M-E-A pilots, somewhat disappointed with the lack of activity in Great Wildlands during the previous evening’s roam jumped into hadezeko, hoping for a fight.

Vol, in a worm, soon spotted Sassy B, a well respected frigate pilot, hanging around asteroid belt VI – I. The M-E-A fleet immediately warped in, but found Sassy hanging about 100 km off the belt in a navy slicer. Xi ordered the fleet to align back to the Sun, hoping to bait Sassy into coming closer.

Sassy, however, apparently rather savvy and clearly sporting long range guns and a MWD, kept his distance, skirting in and out of range, occasionally closing to approximately 30 km and then zooming off to at least 50km, trying to separate members of the M-E-A fleet.

“We done yet?” Asked Sassy mockingly as the M-E-A fleet warped off to a safespot.

Not quite… We warped back in at various ranges, hoping one of us would land closer to Sassy. However, Sassy had been joined by Lady Shaniqua, sporting a Comet.

Playing it safe and not sure whether or not Shaniqua and Sassy would join forces, we again aligned out. Our opportunity came when an angel cartel fleet consisting of two frigates and a Battleship warped in and were killed by Sassy and Shaniqua. Xi ordered the fleet to warp to one of the wrecks which Sassy was circling. Jack warped to the wrong wreck and, being split apart from the remainder of the fleet, was immediately pointed by the Comet and quickly destroyed. However, Jack’s clever flying, warp scrambler and stasis webifier had slowed the Comet down enough to allow the remainder of the fleet to catch it and put an end to its tapdance.

Sassy, however, still managing to stay well out of range, hung around mockingly as if there was simply no way he could be caught.
Xi ordered the fleet out of the belt and to a safe spot. Bouncing himself between the safe spot and the belt proved fruitful – soon, Sassy, despite being aware that more M-E-A members were waiting close by, began closing range on Xi and settling into a 20km orbit, well out of range of Xi’s autocannons. A few more bounces and the trap was on. Vol warped to the Sun and aligned to the Belt, Xi , pointed and under attack, continued to align to the sun as Max warped directly to the belt landing behind the slicer. Xi turned off his afterburner as Max approached, bringing him directly into the slicer’s path.

Vol warped to Max as Max scrammed and webbed Sassy’s ship. Xi re-approached and Sassy’s trapped slicer, useless at close range, disintegrated.

An all round good fight…


One response to “Tapdancing in Hadezeko

  1. lol, i remember the dude hating on my ecm drones. in local. i don’t understand what everyone’s problem with light ecm drones is. they are the dog’s.

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