Eyebleed: 29/04/YC113

Xi ‘xar, M-E-A CEO and Cheesecake Fanatic was late.

This did not however prevent our regular Eyebleed Roam from kicking off somewhat early with Volstruis, Sarah and Number 258 crushing an Ishkur that had foolishly entered Ravarin. The M-E-A fleet had already formed and was being led by Volstruis. Whilst waiting for Xi to finish his cheesecake, Jack (famed soloist) pointed a Vengeance in his Jaguar and called for backup. Backup was provided by Talitha and Volstruis with Xi ‘xar, his mouth still full, warping in late and whoring 8% damage on the killmail.

With the formalities and a couple kills out of the way, the fleet was ready to roll. Xi, despite having being appointed (against protests) as FC managed to rally the fleet at a safespot near the Ravarin DED. Suddenly a pilgrim popped up on everyone’s onboard scanners… for some reason, he had warped to the DED at 0 and had decloaked. The M-E-A frigate fleet warped in, pointed the pilgrim and despite heavy neuting and an overwhelming number of drones, scored a spectacular kill. Our thanks go out to Ravin Abai for the fight.  M-E-A is further pleased to report that Ravin joined the Ranks of M-E-A the following day.

Xi, finally finished eating, thereafter led the 6 man frigate fleet to Kourmonen, a popular low security system located a few jumps from Amamake. Although Kourmonen initially appeared quiet, Xzar Fyrarr’s jaguar soon appeared on scan. Xzar gave the M-E-A fleet the run around for a while, but was finally cornered and destroyed.

Activity in Kourmonen soon picked up with a multitude of frigate pilots passing through the system. Considering such, it was decided that the fleet would remain in Kourmonen. Soon enough, two merlins were spotted. Jack and Xi gave chase. Jack, all the while complaining about a lack of teamwork, tore his way through one of the merlins, whilst Xi, Sarah, Tal and Victor finished off the other.

The M-E-A fleet again spread out across the system. Xi deciding to take a short break warped his Jaguar back to the sun at 0. Suddenly, an Ares landed next to him. Xi pointed it, lost point, regained point and, together with Tal and Victor, sent the unfortunate pilot back home in his pod.

Vol, having lost (and having reshipped) his taranis shortly prior, spotted an arbitrator and a vexor jumping into Kourmonen. The pair of ships, clearly looking for a fight, warped to the sun. The M-E-A fleet obliged by destroying the Vexor and, despite a few losses,  finishing off both the the roam and the Arbitrator.

In other news, we are pleased to announce that Jack Tygra has been awarded an Exemplar medal for his excellent solo work in Ravarin.


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