In Eve we trust

But by and large not the capsuleers who roam its muddy shores. As MEA’s exploration director my portfolio is somewhat more focused than the kill everything approach our corporation lives and breathes. My portfolio is to help you make money in low security systems by motivating the benefits of and integrating soloist piracy into exploration activities, and by doing so help players understand and have access to not only regular pvp, but also to the vast amount of isk that can be gained by low sec pilots. I don’t buy the risk/reward ratio debate. Low-sec has kept me in ships for some time and reward should never be purely measured in monetary gain. Luckily for me, and I guess for you, this is not a post about that debate and as for my portfolio, I merely placed it here as an introduction of sorts.

This is short write up about one of the more successful fights we’ve had recently and not whore mailed by our illustrious CEO. And to make matters even more outrageous, I was calling the fleet.

Let me get back to my opening statement. Trust in eve is difficult to give, mainly because the moment you start taking pod pilots at face value you are opening yourself up to loss. Nobody is really trustworthy in Eve. Realising this, and tactically operating within this statement’s boundaries, will open up a world of possibilities and action. It will influence everything from your corp’s recruitment strategy to your fleet dynamics.

I lose alot of interceptors, those paper-thin king’s of tackle, and my corp mates generally reap the rewards after I’m heading back home in a pod. This was one such night after a somewhat poor engagement against a Fla5hy Cynabal near our current base of ops. Just as I was about to head back into the system, on the last jump, I saw an old friend in a Hurricane hanging around the gate. We previously hadn’t had the stones to really deal with this teams battlecruiser fleets but after recruiting some solid experienced chaps (welcome on board Earl and Dreynar) I thought I’d offer a fight. Need to get the guys some action any way I can I thought. My initial suggestion to said pilot was you bring your cane, I’ll organise 3 assault frigates and an interceptor and we’ll have a bout. I docked up in home system, saw the Hurricane in local, got my pod into another Taranis hull and warped back to the DED. I then popped open local chat and told the adversary that I was at the DED and that the assault frigates were on the way. He arrived shortly after I did and remained cordial. Targeting from about 50km’s away and staying put at about 10km from the DED gate. He was also springing a trap of sorts. More on this later.

Now at this point I must say that I had absolutely no intention of sticking to the terms of the bout. I knew there was some healthy support in the form of a Sentinel and a Hound close by as well as a very well fit rupture and a couple of frigates. Jack ended up bringing his cane along. Once everyone was in place, I thought candidly to myself that we should rip the cane apart with this fleet but was unbelievably happy to see what happened next. I called the team in and we engaged as the first Jaguar landed.

It was at about 25% of the Hurricane’s armor we realised that, read opening statement, our opponent had absolutely no intention of sticking to the terms of the bout either. In short order an enyo, myrmidon and a megathron arrived on the scene. We could barely believe our luck. Hurricane explodes. We focus our attention on the the Mega while my Taranis burns over to the Enyo and pins him down. Points on everything and only our rupture in any sort of danger. It turns out we made pretty short work of the fleet. The Mega explodes first, then the Enyo, then the Myrmidon. All were pointed and too slow to get away from our propulsion modded frigates and the damage our bigger ships brought to the table.

We either docked up to smooth things over with Concord, or burned wreck-wards to get first crack at the loot. Smiles palpable over the voice communications server.

This highlighted two things that are important for me to remember. Important enough to want to blog about.

In MEA, we like to fight above our weight. Popping battleships with a handful of frigates and a cruiser or two. Awesome. Winning fights our opponents should never lose. Brilliant. We fight against the odds and sometimes we have a night like tonight. We also take heavy losses in fights we really should be losing. This will keep me motivated to fly the way we fly. Welcome capsuleer to Mise en Abyme.

The second was that it was entirely engineered by two pilots blatantly lying to get one over the other. Welcome capsuleer to New Eden, who ever said mistrust was going to be a bad thing in this galaxy.



2 responses to “In Eve we trust

    • Thanks for the feedback Dreamerdude. I think we have spotted each other in local and dscan a bunch of times although not certain now if we’ve ended up on each other’s kill boards. Hopefully soon. o/

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