A tribute to Zentarium

General banter in local channels and number of good fights between members of M-E-A and other corporations has led to certain competitive and on occasion, amicable relations being formed. M-E-A members grant respect to those who have shown respect or who have earned such respect through interaction with M-E-A. However, to be clear, M-E-A will not refrain from attacking pilots in the event that such present themselves for attack and does not expect to be ignored by members of other corporations. In M-E-A, there are no “blues”. The members of M-E-A are bound by our respect for each other and our willingness to work together to achieve a common goal. Whilst this respect may on occasion be extended to pilots of other corporations, such is not the norm.

Camelia had launched combat scanner probes and obtained a 100 percent hit on a rather large ship running what appeared to be a level 4 mission. Various parties were informed and a fleet was quickly formed, including  two members of Fla5hy Red. Camilla, cloaked, proceeded to warp to the mission runner and set the warp in point for the remainder of the fleet.

M-E-A members obtained the initial tackle and dealt substantial damage whilst Reno684 of Fla5hy warped in a typhoon to whore the killmail. Soon, the ship was obliterated, resulting in Zentarium’s first loss… of over 1 billion isk. Zentarium, we salute you for your bravery.

It is at times like this that M-E-A’s daring policy of fighting above its weight class, attacking without fear of loss and, as so well put by Volstruis, seeking to win fights our opponents should never lose, is to be celebrated.

And so we celebrated. In true M-E-A fashion. By continuing to do what we do best.


3 responses to “A tribute to Zentarium

  1. Derp. You killed a horribly tanked mach that couldn’t track a frig to save it’s life. That’s a fight your opponent should never have won. Perhaps M-E-A should add a modicum of modesty to it’s “daring policy”.

    • And sometimes you engage the battleship and get face raped. I guess we could scan our enemy’s before hand but that’d be a bit boring. I’d rather wait until my interceptor settles into it’s orbit before I see if I’m gonna get tracked.

  2. Dear rulesaremyenemy

    I will respond to the essence of your comment in a forthcoming post. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read our post and provide a critical analysis. You are completely correct that we killed a horribly tanked mach that couldn’t track a frig to save its life.

    I don’t consider your statement that we should add a modicum of modesty to our “daring policy” to be correct, but I will set out why in the forthcoming post.

    – Xi

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