I had been mining and mining and mining and mining and mining. It wasn’t all that bad – I had bought a retriever and some strip miners and was raking in the profit. Rebeccah had tried to persuade me to join A77A, but I knew that I was destined for greater things (even if they were offering a 20 million isk sign up bonus) – I had started my own corporation, Ultra Vires, and had even managed to recruit two pilots. I was well on my way to dominating the Metropolis minerals market.

Yakutat had been a member of Ultra Vires for a short while and seemed like a good chap. He didn’t seem to want to mine, but he flew a very sexy ship called a punisher and seemed pretty friendly.

Well, back to mining… I undocked from Boundless in Hek to find myself amidst explosions – there was some kind of war happening right outside the station! Up until this point, the most action I had seen was a few highsec asteroid belt hunting Angel Frigates being killed by my warrior I’s. There were beams of light, drones, explosions and ships I had never heard of, let alone seen in action. I immediately let Yakutat know – it was really something cool to see and I thought he would appreciate it. He seemed to think it was pretty cool (reaffirming my belief that he was cool) and even warped over in his punisher to watch. I then realised that my isk per hour rate was suffering, warped back to my favourite asteroid belt and let my strip miners rip into some veldspar.

Suddenly, Yakutat warped on top of me and started laying into me with his punisher. I tried to warp away, but couldn’t. I called Rebeccah over comms and pleaded for help. Rebeccah warped in, started shooting Yakutat and was immediately killed by Concord. I was dumbfounded, shocked and… strangely excited? I tried desperately to kick Yakutat from corp, failed and then found myself floating in a pod, with absolutely no idea what had happened.

I warped off and asked Yakutat what the hell he was doing. He insisted that he had been trying to protect me from Rebeccah, who had been shooting me for no reason whatsoever. I quickly warped to a station and fitted out the biggest and most badass ship I could – a rifter. Yakutat was telling me that I should meet him at planet V and we would go get that bitch Rebeccah. Yeah right, you bastard. I played along for a while, telling him I would be along shortly in a slasher, and then undocked my “pwn mobile”, warped to Planet V and immediately started laying into Yakutat, who promptly rid the world of the worst rifter fit ever conceived and sent me, with a “gf” to the nearest clone vat.

And that is how it all started…

I soon forgot mining (after some exciting mining experiments in lowsec… which lasted about 30 seconds) and joined A77A – I had decided I would like to kick ass and joining a corp and shooting red things during missions seemed like a good start. The corp didn’t really seem to be that great and I didn’t really get the feeling that I was learning anything for a while… Fortunately, A77A, being a new corp operating out of Metropolis, was soon wardec’d. With everyone docked up, split all over the universe and running scared, my vigil, slasher and even my rifter didn’t stand a chance. I was a “n00b” and I was getting “pwnd”. Except for this. Man, that was a great day…

With a second wardec issued against A77A and still no sign of the corp’s upper management (or anyone else for that matter), I decided, after much heart wrenching worrying about hurting the CEO’s feelings, that my relationship with A77A was just not going to work out.

I dropped corp and started looking for a PvP corporation. Circle of Shadows soon recruited me as willing tackle and I started learning – Fleets were not just things that you threw together. PvP took organising. Proper planning was key. Scouts were invaluable. Shooting people in wormholes was great fun. My share of the loot from killing a Tengu was literally more isk than I had ever seen. In your face isk / hour!

However, I soon realised that Circle of Shadows, although bunch of really great guys who were willing to take me along for the ride, were simply out of my league. I started Onei Robotics with some friends and began exploring Wormholes. Wormholes proved very profitable, but often very dangerous. Over time, Onei became more and more PvP orientated – a wardec soon came our way, but we fought our way out of it, losing only ships and not the respect of our opponents. Lowsec roams, usually lead by Angellano, soon became a staple. Unfortunately, the directorate’s focus (uhh… me) on Wormholes and profiteering stood in the way, corporate politics reared its ugly head and Onei collapsed.

It was time to move on. I decided to try my hand at griefing, but gave up when the corp I was in collapsed due to being the target of multiple wardecs (can you say irony?). Red vs Blue yielded me a number of great kills and some embarrassing losses. I joined in on some Agony Unleashed classes, shot my way through nulsec, lost more rifters, tried a few ruptures, learnt some difficult lessons involving a lack of T2 insurance, became a gate-camping pirate, desperately tried to fix my security status, tried to run some missions (and gave up due to boredom), desperately tried to figure out how the hell to make isk and finally started M-E-A.

So what the hell is the point of this post?

No, it’s not a desperate cry for attention and / or proof that I am now amazing. I’m still not. I’m still learning. I don’t think I will ever stop. That is what keeps me here. Well, that and the heart pounding excitement of killing people.

Really, this post has two purposes. The first is to give my personal thanks to Yakutat, Leetness and GenghisKaun for showing me, without any sense of compassion, that what I needed to do was stop mining, stop being afraid of dying and get out there and kick the crap out of anything I could warp scramble. The most enjoyment I have ever had in New Eden is following the path upon which I was roughly shoved by Yakutat.

And that is where you (the subject of the second purpose of this post) comes in – I want to encourage you (rather more gently) to do the same. Get out there and PvP. Get out there and have fun.

If you are a new pilot, if you have never really tried your hand at PvP, if you are afraid of low / nul sec, if you think solo mining is fun… Here is the plan:

  1. Stop what you are doing;
  2. Dock up;
  3. Stop being afraid of dying;
  4. Forget your security status;
  5. Forget “isk per hour”;
  6. Buy a combat frigate;
  7. Fit your frigate as best you can;
  8. Fly to the nearest lowsec / nulsec gate;
  9. Jump Jump;
  10. Shoot someone in the face.

I promise you, it will be fun… even when you die horribly – and you will die horribly. You will, however, also learn very quickly about gate guns, bubbles, session timers, grouping your weapons, overheating, getting your pod out, ransoms, backup, manual flying, blobbing, remote rep, falcons, ganks, dramiels, d-scanning and all those other wonderful (and horrible) things that get you through and over the learning curve.

Just remember – You don’t need to have everything trained to lvl 5 to kill someone. You don’t need years of experience, excellent fitting skills, buckets of isk or T2 modules. You just need a frigate, some ammunition, luck, perseverance and a desire to learn. A few good friends flying with you can’t hurt either. Eventually, you will kill someone. And when you do, there will be no going back.

Now stop reading blogs and get the hell out there and do it. Don’t start soon. Start today.


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