M-E-A’s Guide to Life in Lowsec: Part 2 – Safespots and Bookmarks.


Proper safespots and bookmarks are invaluable to operating in low security space. Four types of bookmarks are covered in this guide – Safespots, Insta Undocks, Scanspots and Tactical Safes.

The purpose of warping to a Safespot is to place your ship in a position where it cannot be found and attacked without the use of combat scanner probes.

To create a basic safespot, simply warp from one celestial to another and create a bookmark whilst in warp. This really is as simple as it sounds. However, bearing the purpose of safespots in mind, you will probably want to create safespots that are difficult to pinpoint, even with combat scanner probes.

Ideally, a Safespot should be unaligned to any celestial (in other words, not a point on a line between any two celestials and should be more than 14.3 AU from any celestials. Such a safe will be harder to scan down because the scanning pilot will not be able to easily narrow down your position with the directional scanner. To create unaligned bookmarks, warp from bookmark to bookmark dropping safes inbetween, or to convert previously created bookmarks of scanned down items into safespots (for example, closed wormholes).

Be aware that despite its name, no safespot is truly “safe”. A competent combat scanner will find you (often very quickly) if you idle at one spot for too long.

Insta Undocks
The purpose of an insta undock is to allow you to safely undock and nearly instantly warp off, preventing any person from targeting and destroying your ship prior to you warping off.

In order to create an insta undock, simply undock from the relevant station in a fast ship (preferrably with a microwarpdrive to cut down on time spent flying). Travel in a straight line out of the station, making manual adjustments where necessary to your trajectory. Once you are satisfied that your trajectory is straight out of the station, turn on your mwd and burn off station substantially (any distance more than 150km from the station should allow you to warp – however, considering that undocking brings you out of the stationat speed, and often at distance, it is wise to keep your insta undocks at a minimum of over 300km). You may wish to make various insta undocks at various distances from the station.

Insta Undocks should be tested and corrected. To do so, undock in a slow, heavy or unweildy ship, zoom in on your ship and warp to your insta undock. If you see your ship aligning or if it takes time to warp away, your trajectory was not correct. Remake the safespot until even the heaviest ship you tend to fly warps nearly instantly.

The purpose of scanspots is to allow you, by use of the directional scanner, to scan an area of a particular system. The use of multiple scan spots and knowledge of the layout of a system allows a capsuleer or a fleet to quickly scan down and locate any opposing ships in system.

A scan spot is created in the same method as a safespot – simply by dropping a bookmark whilst in warp. However, bear in mind that placement is key. Depending on what you want to scan, you may wish to place the bookmark close to a cluster of planets, belts or other celestials (so that by narrow scanning, you can scan down ships at individual celestials) or in the middle of a system (to provide for wide scanning). Pay attention when creating scan safes to brackets in space and the possibility of having multiple warp to options once your scanning reaches 5 degrees.

Tactical Safes

The purpose of a tactical safe (TAC is to place your ship in a safe postion, from which it can quickly warp into an engagement at a particular celestial. Tactical safes can be created on or off grid of the celestial, depending on their purpose.

As a tactical safe is usually quite close to the celestial in question, tactical safes can be created simply by burning away from the celestial in a fast ship.


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