Roam: Constellation – Huvilma

With a lack of targets presenting in Ravarin and surrounding systems, an impromptu roam to through the Huvilma Constellation was undertaken by M-E-A members on 31/06/YC113. The fleet, initially consisted of only Xi ‘xar’s Jaguar and Vlewandowski’s Hookbill, but was joined on the way by two incursus frigates, piloted by Aeron and NeuroneZero and a dramiel, piloted by Jack.

The fleet initially made its way to Luml and paused there briefly for some exploration work. Neuro, acting as impromptu forward scout immediately proceeded to Olfeim and reported a Hulk mining in a belt. The remainder of the fleet rushed to Olfeim, scanned down the hulk and launched their attack. Once its Vespa II drones were dealt with, the Hulk’s shields melted under sustained fire. The pilots’ capsule was captured, but refused to offer a ransom.

Forced to wait out the global criminal countdown, the fleet remained in Olfeim. A drake pilot was however soon spotted on scan – further investigation revealed a number of mission wrecks close to the drake’s location. Unable to retrieve a local probe ship, the fleet waited, frustrated, for the global criminal countdown to expire.

Shortly after expiration, the drake’s location was expertly pinpointed by Aeron. Aeron warped in followed shortly by Jack. Unfortunately, the drake warped off immediately upon Aeron’s (cloaked) arrival, having finished the mission as Aeron initiated warp. With the fleet frustrated, a short break was called for.

In a stroke of good luck and whilst the majority of the fleet was relaxing in a local station, the drake pilot returned.  His salvage fit breacher was no match for Jack’s dramiel.  The drake pilot still obviously undeterred, or possibly seeking revenge, returned shortly thereafter in his drake. Xi ‘xar, spotting him in local, immediately warped to Jack, whose dramiel was still at the mission site. Xi landed directly on the drake and established point as Aeron and Neuro warped in. Although the battlecruiser’s impressive passive shield tank held for quiet some time, it eventually crumbled after some rude comments were made by its pilot in local, forcing the frigate fleet to overheat their weapons. Unfortunately, considering the rather rude attitude of the drake pilot, his pod escaped unharmed.

To be fair however, it was his second pod, and Jack had already collected his frozen corpse.


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