The blue-white scream of light flashes past my eyes, momentarily blinding me. The familiar view of Ravarin from the Stegette gate swims into view as I align my wolf towards HQ. Fleets have been somewhat quiet and I have, to a certain extent, reverted to solo roams – an old habit that dies hard despite the costs involved. It was time to drop off some loot. With the gate clear of hostiles, I initiate warp to a tactical safe a few thousand km above HQ.

Mid warp I flick open the local channel and see a familiar face – Turgesson. My directional scanner reveals a Celestis towards HQ. My mind races as I think back to previous engagements with Turgesson. I hit the dock button. With no-one else but dream67 in local, the Celestis can only be Turgesson’s – His sensor boost Celestis and Hurricanes and his attempts to stationcamp M-E-A members are not unheard of.

Sure enough, Turgesson is sitting on the undocking point in a Celestis. I quickly manouver my wolf around him and into the docking bay – I don’t have a moment to hesitate – if there is one thing that Turgesson is good at doing (there may be other things) it is fitting ships in such a way that they are deadly to frigates – sensor boosters, medium energy neutralisers, drones, webs and a heavy tank.

I quickly open my ship’s cargo bay and drop off the loot in my designated station containers. The Celestis heads into the docking bay – clearly, Turgesson is watching me. He has obviously not forgotten the last occasion on which we (almost) clashed. He has not forgotten my questions in local regarding whether or not he had been waiting for backup. It was shortly after those enquiries had been made that the cargo container stating “M-E-A is recruiting… we offer ship loss, logging out and bad fitting help… Join Today <silnt> (Small secure container)” had been anchored by Turgesson outside HQ.

I hit the undock button and my wolf is mechanically shoved back into space. Turgesson’s Celestis is right behind me. I have no intention of fighting him outside station where station guns will tear my assault frigate to pieces unless I allow him the first blow. I run my finger down the list of safes and chose an insta-undock, hitting the button as I see the Celestis steering towards me.

I land a few thousand km from station, align towards the DED site and hit my directional scanner. Turgesson has already left the station and without any shadow of a doubt, he is on his way to the DED site hoping to catch me as I land. I charge my warp core and launch my ship towards the DED, allowing just enough capacitor to drain to land me 100km off of the acceleration gate. The Celestis appears on close range D-scan. He is here. I check local again as my ship pulls out of warp. Turgesson is alone…

[ YC113.08.13 14:53:28 ] (notify) For initiating combat your security status has been adjusted by -0.1159.

Fuck the consequences.

[ YC113.08.13 14:54:16 ] (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 26 damage  (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 33 damage combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) misses you (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 26 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 24 damage

I expected this. With no web, I need to lower angular velocity in order to hit the drones – I re-establish my orbit, ensuring that Turgesson will remain within range of my Warp Disruptor II, and pulse my microwarpdrive. The extra burst of velocity pulls against my body wreaking havoc with my nerves. Pulling away at over 2.6 kilometers per second  from the group of Hobs, I rip my way through two of them before they are recalled to break my target lock. I resettle into my 18km orbit, switch my crosshairs back to Turgesson, and fire a few volleys. My 200mm autocannons rain hot fire as I burn though Turgesson’s shields.

I reload, and await the next wave of drones. They come quickly – another flight of Hobs. I focus my fire on the drones and a small explosion lights up the Ravarin sky as the drone swarm towards me. Three hobs down. I struggle to remember how many drones a Celestis can launch. Out of the corner of my eye, something blue flashes past my ship, but I don’t have a chance to look – my HUD flashes and a violent warning scream rocks through my wolf – my shields have all but disappeared. I need to get rid of these fucking drones before Turgesson can recall them… I speed out of range of the drones, ripping through another and another. The drones are recalled. This is going to be a long fight.

Something blue flashes past my wolf as I pulse my microwarpdrive, leaving me with a sickened feeling. [ YC113.08.13 14:55:26 ] (combat) Group of 200mm AutoCannon II strikes Hobgoblin II <SILNT>(Hobgoblin II) for 267 damage (combat)Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 24 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 24 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 25 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 19 damage (combat) Group of 200mm AutoCannon II strikes Hobgoblin II (Hobgoblin II) for 130 damage  (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 30 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 29 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 16 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 19 damage (combat) Group of 200mm AutoCannon II strikes Hornet EC-300 (Hornet EC-300) for 160 damage (combat) Turgesson (Hobgoblin II) hits you for 25 damage.

EC-300. EC-300. EC-300? I knew something had been nagging my thoughts, but now it is staring me in the face, flashing on my log. Hornet EC-300’s. ECM. He is trying to escape. I quickly cease fire and relock the ECM drones. One down. Recalled. More Hobs. Explosions litter the sky. I am running out of ammunition. More ECM drones. Turgesson is growing desperate now. But why doesn’t he approach? What the hell is taking him so long? I tear through another of his ECM drones. How many fucking drones does this Celestis have? I don’t have time to look. My armour is bleeding out and with no tank, I won’t have very long left. Hobs explode around me, pieces of Morphite-enriched warhead tearing though them.

My 200’s automatically swing back towards Turgesson’s Celestis. I hit the fire button…

[ YC113.08.13 14:58:32 ] (combat) Turgesson (200mm AutoCannon II) misses you

I pause and suddenly, everything becomes clear… He doesn’t have a microwarpdrive. He doesn’t have an afterburner. He doesn’t have drones. His 1600mmplatedualwebnopropulsionmodslowassallegedfrigatekillingcelestis doesn’t stand a fucking chance. It never did.

I swing into a 15km orbit and reload.

[ YC113.08.13 14:58:14 ] (combat)Group of 200mm AutoCannon II strikes Turgesson (Celestis) for 121 damage

I hit dscan. Nothing.

[ 2011.08.13 15:00:27 ] (combat) Turgesson (200mm AutoCannon II) misses you

I check local. Nothing.

[ 2011.08.13 15:02:18 ] (combat) Turgesson (200mm AutoCannon II) misses you

We are all alone now… just me, Turgesson and those cargo containers he put outside my station.

We are all alone in the Abyss now little Turgey…

We are all alone…

Vengeance is mine.


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