Campaign: Placid Region

Following the destruction of Turgesson, Ravarin and surrounds became slightly too quite, slightly too staid and slightly too boring to deal with. Resultantly, M-E-A has relocated to the ineptly named Placid region – with wide troughs of multi-route lowsec, including an apparent (but expensive) lowsec tradehub (Intaki), close proximity to a variety of pirate corporations and factional warfare hubs, a number of close by nulsec entrances and what appears to be a proliferation of ancient capsuleers, Placid seemed to be a step up from the solitude we had found in Ravarin.

Although the move to Placid was never thought of as a campaign, but rather simply a move, here are (some of) the results of M-E-A’s first month and a half in placid:

(Note: of course, our time in Placid has not been without loss.)

Beginning with a bang, Xi ‘xar took the lead by raining hellfire upon a myrmidon in the famed Intaki System. Unfortunately, Intaki Security and IntelligenceĀ did not take kindly to these actions. This has not stopped us from frequenting the system and taking advantage of its status as a trade hub.

After a number of rifter kills, a bit of whoremailing by Volstruis and Pico, the crushing of new capsuleers and Aeron and Xi achieving e-fame, a beautiful trend of killing stealth bombers in factional warfare sites began.

However, stealth bombers are not the most difficult of targets and M-E-A began seeking more difficult engagements:

Noteable is Aeron and Vol’s attack on a thrasher, which lead to Atria Corp, presumably seeking vengeance, losing a Drake, Hookbill and Rifter in quick succession. Later that evening, Xi ‘xar, always keen to fly recklessly, challenged a Moira fleet consisting of a Firetail, Rifter, Worm and Stilleto. Although the Worm managed to escape Xi with a mere sliver of structure remaining both the Firetail and rifter were destroyed whilst the Stilletto pilot abandoned the fight despite having landed a solid and unbreakable tackle on Xi. The following comments were noted in local:

[ 2011.09.03 17:35:13 ] Xi ‘xar > gf
[ 2011.09.03 17:38:07 ] Aloric LaDraggon > jesus
[ 2011.09.03 17:38:51 ] Aloric LaDraggon > that Jag is riduculous
[ 2011.09.03 17:39:00 ] Xoria Krint > You fought Jesus?
[ 2011.09.03 17:39:12 ] Draek Bolaskari > more like jesus on steroids

But a few fights and a bit of an ego boost do not satisfy M-E-A pilots. We wanted more. In M-E-A, we do not want easy 2v1 engagements. We do not want ganks or simple good fights. We want absolute destruction and obliteration, – an opportunity to shame our opponents, especially those who believe they can beat us, simply because they have bigger or more expensive ships.

Hello Placid. Welcome to the Abyss.


6 responses to “Campaign: Placid Region

      • Dunno I for one am not a FOTM faggot and was never spotted in a Dramiel, because I never owned one in the first place. And the only trap I can remember involving MEA and I is one involving a Hawk tackling my Bellicose in order for a Drake to gank me horribly, that ended up in a dead Hawk and a live Bellicose. Other people may have entrapped you yes, but I bear no responsibility for this.

      • Glad to see you are still reading! You really have to agree that although FOTM, the Dram is a pretty damn good ship.
        Usually M-E-A falls for the traps, not the other way round so I’m surprised that you might have been trapped (or fail trapped). See our upcoming post though… fun times.

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