Year One

Members of M-E-A will be expected, at all times, to be prepared and willing to engage in PVP combat without concern for their own safety.

Mise En Abyme Prospectus – Circa YC112

I registered the name Mise en Abyme on 08 November YC112 and opened offices in Molden Heath. Volstruis joined M-E-A soon thereafter and began punting recruitment.

Recruitment, it must be said, was not easy. Our killboard statistics were crap, the only ships we could fly with any degree of actual skill were frigates and although we might have thought otherwise, we had very little PvP experience. It was ridiculous to think that we could recruit anyone with any real pvp skills. This was, rather annoyingly, frequently pointed out to us by potential recruits.

So we changed tack and started recruiting rookies, most of them fresh out of Pator Tech School with absolutely no knowledge of pvp combat. We told them that with the right attitude new pilots could kill people, even if they had badly fit ships, a lack of skills or experience, were outclassed in terms of ship type and had no idea what the hell they are doing.

Then we threw them into the middle of lowsec with no training, absolutely no support structure and firm instructions to go forth and kill people.

So what happens when you throw a bunch of “rookies” into the sharktank? Apparantely, the water boils with blood.

But the statistics are not what is important. What is important is that around 30 rookies got out there, found out what makes New Eden exciting and kicked some ass. What is more important is that they did so without concern for their safety, without worrying about isk efficiency and without the interference of corporate politics. Now, a year later, these so called “rookies” collectively form M-E-A, a solid group of excellent combatants who unify a philosophy of combat.

This is a shout out and thank you to those “rookies” who ventured into lowsec and spilt blood. Without you and without your disdain for the bullshit punted on the forums, in guides and the help channel, M-E-A would not exist. Each of you has contributed to the collective “up yours” to every bittervet who said told us that our frigates were only good for tackle. Keep up the good work.

– Xi ‘xar


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