Operation: POS Raid

I pushed my cheetah forward slowly over the edge of the force field, curving down towards the mammoth. He was outside the force field, offlining the large anchorable lasers and although I had already previously tried to tackle him in a Jaguar, seemed entirely oblivious to my presence.

But I was too far and the necessity of maintaining my cloak until I was in proper range made my speed too slow. The mammoth pilot scooped the lasers into his cargo hold and began re approaching the force field. Before I could reach him, he breached the shields and stopped, entirely safe.

Stay aligned – maybe he does something stupid” I said over comms to Vic and Amber, who were waiting just outside of d-scan range.

Amarr Control Tower Medium:  Unanchoring Р19 minutes 59 Seconds Remaining.

The force field disappears. I align towards the Mammoth, de cloak, overheat everything and speed towards him at 3 kilometres per second, desperately trying to target him

Point! Warp to Xi warp to Xi!”

Vic lands first in a rifter, instantly webbing the mammoth and opening fire. Amber’s Brutix seals the deal.

I catch the pod and call in my old partner in crime Volstruis to finish the job.

19 minutes later the control tower is safely stored in the corporate hangar awaiting sale in Amarr.


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