Press Release: M-E-A Membership Grateful for Assistance

Mise en Abyme pilots would like to sincerely thank both The Sleepers and The Amarr Navy for their most welcome assistance with our projects.

Without those mentioned above, our members may not have survived the following engagements:

– The elimination of a Navy Issue Scorpion and Drake (together with capsule) in wormhole J132737; and

– The removal of a rogue Vagabond and Sacrilege from Genesis

In addition, Mise en Abyme pilots welcomed the call to arms by the Blood Raider Covenant.

Your blockades will ever be successful should you again call upon us again. Our memory of the event is sweet. Clearly, the warning in local that “A local pirate gang has been called in to reinforce the blockade” was not sufficient for Lethiana Vokan.

Mise en Abyme looks forward to working with the above in future.


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