Campaign: Kor-Azor

Following our successful, but somewhat boring Metropolis Campaign, Mise en Abyme moved to Kor-Azor lowsec.

Kor-Azor contains a number of small lowsec pockets and is linked to a number of other regions containing small lowsec pockets and, to our delight, a number of DED sites. Our campaign has stretched throughout such areas and, on occassion has included high security space.

In general, the Kor-Azor campaign has been overwhelmingly successful. The campaign was kicked off by Xi ‘xar and Volstruis in Ami and has been littered with successful ganks, unfair fights, fights involving overwhelming odds, brutal murders, wormhole ganks and some rather fun moments.

On occassion, good fights were had. However, this has not been the norm. Mainly, this campaign has been a learning experience – Miners have been taught valuable lessons. Faction fit Dramiels have finally been taught their proper place. Even this Navitas pilot learnt a lesson.

When it turned out that January was our best ever month, Xi ‘xar threw down the gauntlet and challenged Mise en Abyme members to up their game even further. M-E-A members responded positively to the challenge – February held an even higher number of kills, fewer losses and simply put, better kills.

Surprisingly, February also held two wardecs issued against Mise en Abyme. Neither wardec has yet lead to any noteable fights, simply appearing to have been carebears or bitter vets wasting isk in an attempt at vengeance.

Noteably, over 1.2 billion isk worth of Pods and Implants have thus far been destroyed by Mise en Abyme Pilots during our Kor-Azor campaign

We have no intention of abandoning the campaign at this stage. For the time being, Kor-Azor will remain our “home”.

I leave you the reader with this recording of the Local Channel, captured by one of our pilot’s automated log system:

Azriel Dahma > I give up
Xi ‘xar > Don’t.
Jack Tygra > Do. You are terrible. You have no place in this universe. Please send me your iskies before you go.
Druken Sailor > ^
Xi ‘xar > Don’t listen to jack – he’s a sad man
Azriel Dahma > You’re right. Real life is much more fun. I have 285mil who wants it
Xi ‘xar > I’ll take it
Azriel Dahma > Xi xar take it
Xi ‘xar > Thank you very much.


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