Year One

Members of M-E-A will be expected, at all times, to be prepared and willing to engage in PVP combat without concern for their own safety.

Mise En Abyme Prospectus – Circa YC112

I registered the name Mise en Abyme on 08 November YC112 and opened offices in Molden Heath. Volstruis joined M-E-A soon thereafter and began punting recruitment.

Recruitment, it must be said, was not easy. Our killboard statistics were crap, the only ships we could fly with any degree of actual skill were frigates and although we might have thought otherwise, we had very little PvP experience. It was ridiculous to think that we could recruit anyone with any real pvp skills. This was, rather annoyingly, frequently pointed out to us by potential recruits.

So we changed tack and started recruiting rookies, most of them fresh out of Pator Tech School with absolutely no knowledge of pvp combat. We told them that with the right attitude new pilots could kill people, even if they had badly fit ships, a lack of skills or experience, were outclassed in terms of ship type and had no idea what the hell they are doing.

Then we threw them into the middle of lowsec with no training, absolutely no support structure and firm instructions to go forth and kill people.

So what happens when you throw a bunch of “rookies” into the sharktank? Apparantely, the water boils with blood.

But the statistics are not what is important. What is important is that around 30 rookies got out there, found out what makes New Eden exciting and kicked some ass. What is more important is that they did so without concern for their safety, without worrying about isk efficiency and without the interference of corporate politics. Now, a year later, these so called “rookies” collectively form M-E-A, a solid group of excellent combatants who unify a philosophy of combat.

This is a shout out and thank you to those “rookies” who ventured into lowsec and spilt blood. Without you and without your disdain for the bullshit punted on the forums, in guides and the help channel, M-E-A would not exist. Each of you has contributed to the collective “up yours” to every bittervet who said told us that our frigates were only good for tackle. Keep up the good work.

– Xi ‘xar


Campaign: Placid Region

Following the destruction of Turgesson, Ravarin and surrounds became slightly too quite, slightly too staid and slightly too boring to deal with. Resultantly, M-E-A has relocated to the ineptly named Placid region – with wide troughs of multi-route lowsec, including an apparent (but expensive) lowsec tradehub (Intaki), close proximity to a variety of pirate corporations and factional warfare hubs, a number of close by nulsec entrances and what appears to be a proliferation of ancient capsuleers, Placid seemed to be a step up from the solitude we had found in Ravarin.

Although the move to Placid was never thought of as a campaign, but rather simply a move, here are (some of) the results of M-E-A’s first month and a half in placid:

(Note: of course, our time in Placid has not been without loss.)

Beginning with a bang, Xi ‘xar took the lead by raining hellfire upon a myrmidon in the famed Intaki System. Unfortunately, Intaki Security and Intelligence¬†did not take kindly to these actions. This has not stopped us from frequenting the system and taking advantage of its status as a trade hub.

After a number of rifter kills, a bit of whoremailing by Volstruis and Pico, the crushing of new capsuleers and Aeron and Xi achieving e-fame, a beautiful trend of killing stealth bombers in factional warfare sites began.

However, stealth bombers are not the most difficult of targets and M-E-A began seeking more difficult engagements:

Noteable is Aeron and Vol’s attack on a thrasher, which lead to Atria Corp, presumably seeking vengeance, losing a Drake, Hookbill and Rifter in quick succession. Later that evening, Xi ‘xar, always keen to fly recklessly, challenged a Moira fleet consisting of a Firetail, Rifter, Worm and Stilleto. Although the Worm managed to escape Xi with a mere sliver of structure remaining both the Firetail and rifter were destroyed whilst the Stilletto pilot abandoned the fight despite having landed a solid and unbreakable tackle on Xi. The following comments were noted in local:

[ 2011.09.03 17:35:13 ] Xi ‘xar > gf
[ 2011.09.03 17:38:07 ] Aloric LaDraggon > jesus
[ 2011.09.03 17:38:51 ] Aloric LaDraggon > that Jag is riduculous
[ 2011.09.03 17:39:00 ] Xoria Krint > You fought Jesus?
[ 2011.09.03 17:39:12 ] Draek Bolaskari > more like jesus on steroids

But a few fights and a bit of an ego boost do not satisfy M-E-A pilots. We wanted more. In M-E-A, we do not want easy 2v1 engagements. We do not want ganks or simple good fights. We want absolute destruction and obliteration, – an opportunity to shame our opponents, especially those who believe they can beat us, simply because they have bigger or more expensive ships.

Hello Placid. Welcome to the Abyss.

Why we don’t care about killboard stats

Because they are a bullshit representation of ability.

Thats the short answer. Now lets take a look at why:

First, let’s do a bit of a comparison:

Xi ‘xar

Joslin Kra

Horace Weatherspoon

So? Who Wins?

Well, according to the stats, your’s faithfully of course (Xi). I have great efficiency, have destroyed over 13 billion isk worth of ships and modules and my enemies only have a 33% chance of survival.

So does this make me better at PvP than Joslin or Horace? According to a brief glance at the stats, yes.

Yay. I rule.

Pfft. Not in the slightest.

Firstly, take a proper look at my killboard. Upon a closer inspection you will see that I have benefited greatly from having the honour of flying with a number of really good pilots and a number of really good fleet commanders. Yes, I killed a tengu whilst flying a rifter… next to a uni-blob. Yes, I killed a carrier… along with 39 other pilots whilst on an Agony Unleashed roam.

Hmmm. Suddenly my killboard stats are looking a lot less impressive.

What also has to be remembered is that in New Eden, each capsuleer may well hold the knowledge of multiple capsuleers. For example, Joslin represents a capsuleer who’s alt has destroyed close to 30 billion isk worth of ships and modules. Joslin’s counterpart has over 400 kills under his belt (twice as many as me), the majority of which have taken place in nulsec. A quick scan of his killboard indicates that he is versed and clearly well educated in fitting a variety of ships.

Simply on this basis, Joslin has vast pvp experience and is well educated in the school of hard knocks, regardless of his killboard stats.

So does this make Joslin the winner?

No. Horace Weatherspoon, with his laughable 4 kills, might well actually take the cake. His alt, although with a measly 49 kills, is a specialist. Out of 49 kills, only 3 were not in wormhole space. Of those 49 Kills, only 2 were not solo kills. This means that Horace has a number of invaluable skills – knowledge of how to control range, knowledge of how to pick targets and how to find them and an intimate knowledge of dscanning.

So does this make Horace the winner? Not necessarily. Horace has great solo skills, but can he operate in a fleet? Does he fire on command or does he hesitate, considering what his best options are? Is he blinded by his solo experience? Perhaps.

I have met a number of pilots who have made out that they are excellent at PvP. These pilots often point to their killboard stats as an indication of their brilliance. However, these pilots often turn out to have very little knowledge about PvP mechanics, virtually no knowledge as to how to fit a ship that doesn’t fall within their race or skillset (which is a very useful skill when fighting other ships), only attack when they are certain of victory, and often most importantly, don’t know how to shut the fuck up on voicecomms when they are dying.

So what is the conclusion? killboards are a useful tool – for gaining intel, in assessing your own losses and trying to figure out what you did wrong or to guage a target or potential recruit’s experience. But, above all, killboard stats are a bullshit representation of PvP ability.

As a last word to the reader, please don’t take this post as a representation by me (Xi) or M-E-A that we are elite PvP’ers and that we are “above” killboard stats.We are not. We just don’t give a shit about your stats or our own, and will attack regardless.

Community Service Campaign

As mentioned in previous posts, one of MEA’s current objectives is to expose new capsuleers to the benifits of a life outside of high security space.

According to common wisdom, there is simply no reason to go to lowsec. Highsec is safer and nulsec is more profitable. If you do missions in lowsec, you get ganked by pirates. If you do exploration or ded sites, you get ganked by pirates. If you go looking for kernite, you get ganked and in any event, its more profitable to mine veldspar in highsec. New capsuleers are vehmently warned against going to lowsec for any purpose and are often frightened out of any activities which may involve going into lowsec.

This has lead to an interesting, but problematic population issue. The inhabitants of lowsec are almost exclusively pvp pilots. Although pvp is common in lowsec, it has degenerated into the denizens of lowsec either ganking new pilots who dare to enter into lowsec or engaging in a form of consentual blob pvp.

Consequently, and further as a result of obsessive regard for killboard stats, lowsec is a empty, desolate landscape occassionally stripped clear of new players by giant blobs of outlaws who will not attack unless certain of victory. Finding a reasonably fair fight in these circumstances is virtually impossible. Overtanked bait, followed by a bumsrush of battlecruisers is about all you will get, even if you launch your attack in a simple frigate or cruiser.

MEA has been operating virtually exclusively out of lowsec for the last three months. Most of our members have extensive lowsec experience and have lived in lowsec for extended periods of time. We believe that it is time that new blood revolted against the static and boring nature of low sec space. It is time that we, the pod pilots of new eden, claimed what Concord cannot – a new and profitable playground.

In the weeks to come, MEA will provide, as a service to the community, a series of ‘information packs’ geared towards teaching the newer player not only how to survive, but how to live ¬†in lowsec. MEA will also actively seek to teach newer players how to fight, how to generate isk and most importantly, how to enjoy the benifits which lowsec living has to offer – a sense of danger and excitement which high security space simply cannot offer.

These services will be offered free of charge, either in our public channel “Live_Lowsec” or here.



Following extensive discussions and negotiations between our CEO Xi ‘xar and founding member, Volstruis, a corporate decision has been taken to restructure M-E-A.

In light of the current state of low security space and in furtherance of one of our primary goals – to overhaul capsuleer’s views of low security space and expose new capsuleers to the profit obtainable therein, we have decided to open an exploration division within MEA. The purpose of this exploration division will not only be to fund our military operations, but to orientate new capsuleers to low security space in a profitable fasion.

The following steps will be taken:

Volstruis will be appointed as a director of MEA. Volstruis’ brief is to head up the exploration division and make all relevant decisions related thereto.

A corporate office will be opened in Metropolis or Sing Liason, likely in low security space located near to Hek.

The title “founding member” will be conferred upon all current members of MEA.

Recruitment will be re-opened. Our focus will be on recruiting newer capsuleers with a desire to explore low or nul (inclusive of w-space) security space who have no objection to the military actions and methods of MEA.

Xi ‘xar will remain the CEO of M-E-A and will continue to actively oversee and partake in all operations. Our founding principals and values, being that combat is an integral part of new eden life, that new pilots can and should fight and that corporations should not tax their members, will be retained.

Starting out

Starting out a new corporation is never an easy task. Admin tasks abound, a recruitment protocol must be delevoped, recruitment must take place and finally, recruits must be encouraged to participate in corporate activites.

However the most important activity in starting a new corporation is simply being active.

A CEO, his current corpmates and any new recruits must be active in order for the corporation to thrive.

The question then, for anyone reading this, is what exactly is Mise en Abyme doing?

Simply put, at the moment we are building our numbers and doing a bit of pvp lite.

We have posted on the eve-o forums, our recruitment channel is open and attended and we wait with baited breath to interview our potential recruits.

In the meantime, we are actively searching for targets. A number of small to medium corporations are under our investigation. We have managed to worm our way into their public channels, have listed their members and searched through their killboards in the hopes of finding fitting patterns which we can take advantage of.

In addition, we are investigating and exploring the idea of capturing and controlling empire space. In this respect, we currently have three possibilities – a back end single exit lowsec system with a static ded, a highsec island surrounded by low security systems, or a certain region which we feel is small enough to maintain some degree of control over. Obviously, the idea of controlling a region is at this stage, well, rather far fetched… We realise that in order to exercise control over a region, especially one consisting of mainly high security space, we will need to make huge leaps and bounds. We are however investigating and researching the possibility.

In New Eden, Great things don’t come to those who wait. Great things come as a result of organised, purpose driven activities.

Join us in the Mise en Abyme Recruitment channel to discuss…