Wormhole Raid: J112608

Capsuleer Log: Aeron Llyr

Ship: Exploration Helios

Date: 30/07/YC113

Having returned to Ravarin after an unpleasant encounter with a Dramiel out in Olfeim I decided to break out the scanner probes and see if there were any exploration sites around to run. There were no Radar or DED sites to be found, but there were three wormholes, all K162, so I cloaked up and had a quick look inside.

The first wormhole turned out to be a C1 that was more or less empty of sites, and even emptier of ships. Exiting this barren hole I proceeded to the next bookmark – a C3. Again there were just a few sites on scan. However, there were two Drakes that appeared to be running the anomalies. Two passive-omni-tanked Drakes would probably be too much for us to break in frigates – but wait – here comes a Noctis, cleaning up a site that the Drakes have already completed.

I’m only in a Helios, and there’s no one in Ravarin yet to jump through and remove him of his cargo while he’s alone, and anyway, he’s just about finished with these wrecks. But maybe we’ll get a chance at the next site; he’ll have more salvage by then too.

[[pause log]]

Volstruis is back in Ravarin and ready to join me in the C3. The Drakes have left the Noctis to clean up the site they’re currently at. It also seems that this is probably only one capsuleer we’re dealing with (with two alts) as all the ships are numbered in a consecutive format (although they are in different corporations) so maybe we can catch him with his concentration split between three clients.

I’m sitting cloaked near the Drakes as they plough through the Sleepers, waiting for the Noctis to appear from it’s safe spot. We know it will make an appearance pretty soon so we don’t bother trying to scan it down now. The final Sleeper spawn pops and the Noctis warps in. One Drake leaves but the other stays 11k off the Noctis… we decide to chance it, maybe the remaining Drake won’t have a Web or Scram…

Vol enters the wormhole and warps straight to me as I sit cloaked 5k off the Noctis’ bow. But they must have seen him coming on D-Scan, because as soon as he lands they’re both already warping to a safe, without time for him to lock down the laden salvager.

They haven’t left the system yet though, and their safe spot looks to be within 2AU of the sun. Suddenly, the Drakes disappear from scan, leaving the Noctis all alone. I warp out of range of their D-Scan, and drop five Sisters Combat Probes, array them in formation and drop them centred on the sun. They land, and within seconds return a 100% result on a Noctis, I instantly recall the probes and warp to him, hoping he hasn’t seen the probes. He hasn’t. I creep up closer to the Noctis while telling Vol to warp to me, he’s already at the sun so he lands within a few seconds, well within scram range, and sets to work on our target while I keep an eye out for any returning Drakes.

D-Scan is still clear of any ships apart from us and the salvager goes down quickly.

We grab all the loot out of the wreck, and flee back to the exit, dock up in Ravarin and take a quick look at what we’ve found. Some work with a calculator, and it appears that even if we just dump the goods on the Dodixie market, we’d pocket around 320m, and split it between us for a cool 160m each, none of which we worked very hard for…

In conclusion the isk is pretty incidental. It was just good honest fun, although ‘honest’ might be the wrong word – to track someone down in the lawless depths of w-space, brutally destroy their ship and get away cleanly… with all their stuff.