About M-E-A

Welcome, capsuleer, to Mise en Abyme.

M-E-A is a militaristic, roaming, combat and exploration orientated band of explorers, spies, vagabonds, soldiers, profiteers, pirates, bandits and warlords.We do not fear death or loss of security status. We do not rely on anyone or anything. We are truly free.

We have no headquarters or base of operations. We are a nomadic group and travel to where the profits lead us. We have no set procedures. Our members are free agents and may do what they wish as long as they prove capable during combat and have a lust for blood and profit. We seek the thrills of combat and profit in any situation and by any means.

If you are with us, do not expect to build up non-liquid assets. Do not expect to become comfortable. Do not expect corporate structure, ranking, directives, communication, rules, regulations or rights. Rather, expect to travel, explore, instigate and investigate. Expect random wars, fly by night operations, danger and excitement. Keep your isk liquid. Keep your wits about you.

If you are against us, do not expect us to fight fair.  We have no desire to fulfill your expectations of “honour”. We are bound only by the blood on our hands. We fight for the thrill, not to survive.


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