M-E-A has an open membership policy and we are always looking for like minded capsuleers to join us.

Applications for membership should be sent to either Xi ‘xar or Volstruis.

All applications by capsuleers with a full pilots licence (i.e. no trial licences) will be accepted unless such the relevant capsuleer has obvious links to past, present or future enemies of M-E-A.

Membership of M-E-A is voluntary and carries no restrictions regarding activities. However, members of M-E-A are expected to have PvP Combat as their primary focus and to accept the M-E-A philosophy regarding combat. Those who wish to choose other paths will have their membership revoked. Members of M-E-A who become inactive will have their membership revoked.

Important Information for new members:

New Members will be expected to:

  • Show an active interest in pvp combat
  • Learn the tools of the trade of piracy
  • Cope with the harsh environment of low security space
  • Be self sufficient, both in terms of isk flow and learning ability
  • Be involved in at least one fight (win or lose) within their first week in M-E-A
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