“When your opponent’s ship explodes and begins to scatter across the universe, do you think of whether or not you fought with honour? When your ship’s navigation system begins to crash, do you hope to be remembered by capsuleers of the future? Do you, as your corpse freezes in open space, consider whether or not you stuck to the agreement regarding the rules of engagement between yourself and your opponent?

You keep right on doing that. Keep losing.

We fight to win, not for honour or fame. We fight to kill, not to survive. We will out-number, out-skill or out-manoeuver our opponents. We crush the weak and do battle with the strong. NBSI? NRDS? These acronyms mean nothing to us. Fuck your rules. Fuck your honour and fuck your engagement policy. We shoot on sight and we shoot to kill.

In New Eden, there are no rules. Why should we have any?

– M-E-A Fleet Commander


We are not a corporation

We have no tax and no corporate policy. Our leadership is founded on action, is earned and is never imposed. We are a band of brothers bound by the blood on our hands. We are a ragtag band of pirates, explorers, spies, vagabonds, soldiers, profiteers, bandits and warlords. We do not rely on anyone or anything.  We are truly free.


Solo and small gang PvP

M-E-A members are encouraged to become skilled PvP pilots whether as a member of a fleet or as soloists. Exceptional PvP, individuality and freedom from protocol, rules or killboard stats are some of our primary goals.


A Distinct Lack of Honour

M-E-A members are not restricted by a corporate code or an ill-founded aspiration to be honour bound pirates. We shoot what we want, when we want, with whatever we want. The choice as to whether to honour a 1v1 or a ransom is made by individual pilots on an individual basis. Other corporations or individual pilots might not trust us. We do not care.


A Degree of Recklessness

We do not care if you lose ships, as long as you are fighting. Sometimes, the best thing to do is jump in the deep end and do your best. Without this attitude, combat becomes staid and pilots become over-cautious. We love the taste of bait. We do not throw ships to the wind (well, not usually), but we never back down from a fight we could plausibly win.


Hit and Run, Skirmishes & Tactics

We tend to favour fast-moving ships, tactical play and out-thinking and out-researching our opponents. Because we love their manoeuvrability, cheap prices and ability to take down larger targets if used correctly, T1 and T2 frigates are a staple in our fleets. M-E-A members are however also proficient in a range of ships.


No Blues

We do not do “diplomacy”. If you want us not to shoot at you, dock up or bring a cloak. We like having a proliferation of targets.


No Bullshit

We don’t tell you what to do. We don’t have ranks. We don’t have CTAs. We don’t shoot at POS or inanimate structures. We have no aspirations to join a large nulsec alliance and become carebears or rent space. We don’t care if you win or lose as long as you fight. We don’t care about your killboard or ours or how efficient either is. Just get out there, shoot someone and try to catch the pod.



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