Recruitment is now open.

Although our recruitment policy does not discriminate between old and new pilots and does not take account of live PvP combat experience (i.e. we have no requirement that a potential recruit has any prior PvP experience), we wish to warn all potential recruits that the path upon which we travel is not an easy one.

In order to be successful within M-E-A, a pilot must have an intimate knowledge of PvP mechanics, ship types, ship fittings and extensive skills such as are required to use, for example, the directional scanner and combat probes. This does not mean that brand new pilots cannot succeed within M-E-A – it simply means that all pilots must have a certain “attitude” towards self-improvement, self-sufficiency and PvP combat in general.

We are looking for pilots with bravery, commitment, a lack of sense of self-preservation and an understanding that one only learns by doing (and often by dying).

Pilots who fear death, who have been infected with paranoid delusions or who are jaded to the nature of PvP combat within New Eden are not welcome. Those pilots with trumped up ideals regarding “honour” are certainly not welcome.

More about our recruitment policy can be found here.


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